BIC Factory is a business incubator for young entrepreneurs between the age of 18-40 years. Our mission is to catch up and realize the potential of young entrepreneurs. We are offering office spaces, support and opportunity for startups to build a business network. At BIC Factory, the companies can stay for two years. Then they exit from the incubator. We work with companies at an early stage. Companies that recently started or are about to start their business.

BIC Factory first started at 1998. Many successful companies have started their business at BIC Factory for example ColdWood and Rapunzel of Sweden.

Since 2015 we run a project called “Young entrepreneurs doing digital business”. During three years we will primarily focus on recruiting digital startups. It can be both webshop companies or companies working with digital product development. We also want to encourage all the startups in the incubator to become more digital, both in marketing and sales. We want to help the startups to operate in Umeå and reach out both nationally and internationally.

To achieve this, we are working with business coaches, consisting of 31 external consultants. We set up advisory boards for each company, in which there are at least one representative with specific digital competence.

We arrange workshops and lectures based on the needs of the companies. An important part of our job is to continuously working with PR. We want to highlight our companies and show the good examples to inspire more people to become a startup.

We have 8 companies in the incubator today, all with completely different business – both webshop companies and companies providing service.

BIC Factory is financed by the municipality of Umeå, Region Västerbotten and EU.