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Bild på Pär Vidmark, Marcus Olsson och Elias Andersson från företaget Capivo.
På bild från vänster; Pär Vidmark, Marcus Olsson och Elias Andersson. Foto: Kristoffer Pettersson (Stoffe Pettersson Media)

The company Capivo, specialized in developing and producing digital education, grows and strengthens the team with a new CEO. Marcus Olsson will take up the position.

- We notice an increased demand for our services and in order for us to have the power to catch up and really establish ourselves, we need to become more. We are a small team with competence and experience in pedagogy and technology, Marcus will be the piece of the puzzle that will help us take the next step and reach out, says Elias Andersson, founder of Capivo, which he runs together with co-founder and co-owner Pär Vidmark.

With customers such as Martinsons, Presto and Aleva Omsorg, Marcus Olsson looks forward to taking on and further developing the company. Marcus himself has a background in finance, administration and as a salesman and most recently came from a position as payroll manager at Cabonline.

- I feel incredibly honored and happy to have been entrusted to nurture and further develop Capivo for the future. Capivo has a fantastic business idea and a platform with enormous potential, which is just in time for the digitization that is needed. In addition, during the current pandemic, to give our customers the opportunity to complete training in a safe and secure way, I am very proud of, says Marcus Olsson.

Capivo has recently made an exit from the company incubator BIC Factory, where the company has been developed for just over two years.

- BIC has meant a great deal to our development in the form of interesting and rewarding contacts and networks, but above all a social, personal and business support. Being in a context with them in the same situation as us has been important, says Elias Andersson.

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