A piece of Norrland in the middle of Stockholm. This is how EOE founders Emilia and Erik Lindmark describe their own store, which opens in January 2021 on Mäster Samuelsgatan 10. The barren nature of Norrland, translated into sparse elegance, has been the hallmark of EOE Eyewear since its inception in 2010. Now, for the first time, all customers, old and new, are invited deeper into EOE's unique world. When the doors open to the first own store, it happens at the best possible address - MästerSamuelsgatan 10 - in the middle of the neighborhood in Biblioteksstan, which in recent years has become the home address for several leading eyewear brands. But where other stores are just stores, EOE will offer something more.

- Coming to EOE should feel like coming home to a friend. Here we will highlight creative talents from Norrland, one week it can be an art exhibition with a sculptor from Norrbotten, the next a gig with a DJ in Stockholm exile. It will simply be a piece of Norrland in the middle of Stockholm, says Emilia Lindmark.

The store concept is a natural extension of the sustainable design foundation on which EOE rests - inspiration from the nature of Norrland and a clear focus on material choice, shape and detail. In recent years, the EOE has advanced its positions in sustainability and is today considered one of the most important players in the field. This will also be clear to the customers who visit the store. Partly visually in the form of a material palette inspired by water, soil, snow and mountains, but also concretely by being offered the opportunity to submit their used frames, which the EOE then uses to produce new ones. That EOE chooses to open a store right now, in the middle of the current pandemic, is another chapter in the story of a company that by doing things a little differently (or "otherwise" as they say in Norrland) builds its success. EOE has had good profitability since the start and in 2021 it is expected to reach SEK 60 million in sales. The company is run without any external owners and will continue to be so.

- By owning and running the company ourselves, we can ensure that our core values permeate everything we do and that nothing stands in the way of us continuing our journey to make the most durable glasses on the market, and that the Norrland heritage continues to be reflected in all stages. , says Erik Lindmark.

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