Henrik Domellöf, grundare och vd på Trients AB


Medtech company

Trients AB is a medical technology company specializing in neonatal nutrition. It adapts, develops, and markets digital tools for decision support in healthcare across global markets. The company’s goal is to ensure that all babies, no matter where they are born, get an optimal start in life and enjoy good health.

The company delivers a solution based on advanced algorithms that are scientifically proven to reduce the risk of several short- and long-term complications, including severe metabolic disorders and impaired brain development.

Trients CEO Henrik Domellöf previously worked in finance, including experience as a Quant Financial Analyst on Wall Street. While he remains deeply interested in the financial side of running a company, his focus is on providing quality care and improving conditions for premature babies all over the world. It's through nutrition, he believes, that we create the conditions for optimal cognitive and physical development - the basis for a healthy life.


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